REPAIR:  $900

NOTE:  When it's time to replace equipment, we recommend discussing options with your supplier.  We do not sell equipment.  If you are unsure who to call, we can suggest reputable reps in your area. We have experience with most distributers. Some refer to us for repairs. (Some are only interested selling new equipment.)

(614) 864-1107      1-866-STAT-BIO (OHIO)

REPLACE:  $10,000

Authorized Service 

Power Table Repair

(Bad hydraulic seals) Avg rep. cost $900.

Table now good for

at least 3 more years.

New Power Table

Leased or financed,

the real cost of a $7500 table = $9600.00

$7500 @ 10% Int./5 yr =$1920/yr. 

​​ Obsolete?    Or worth fixing?​​

1.  Will repairs be less than 25% of replacement?

2.  How long will parts be made?

3.  Will it last for 2 years?

(The below example is a sound repair choice.)